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My name is Steven Ouandji. I was born in Africa, in a little country in central West Africa called Cameroon, and has far back as I remember, I always knew that I was infused with the techno gene. It became crystal clear to me when I was 6 years old, when I figured out how to use our old Windows 95 machine we had in my parents house, and discovered that it came pre-loaded with Doom III.

It not only allowed me to waste endless hours of youth sharpening my reflexes and ability to quickly think on my feet, but it also opened my eyes to the possibilities that were becoming a reality by the coming of the digital medium. I also had a strong, visceral feeling that it was only the beginning, and that gaining a deeper understanding of the inner workings of technology will be the key to changing and empowering my life in ways I could not begin to imagine.

So, in paying attention to that feeling—my love of enjoying spending time playing video games— I not only mastered the ability to use the digital medium, but I also gained skills that I had no idea would grow to become extremely beneficial.

Growing up, I quickly became known by my friends as the kid that could get you all the cool games; freely installing different video games for my friends, enjoying the idea that those around me could have as much of a good time as I was having playing them. This natural ability to be driven, to learn everything about those things that are passionate to me quickly transformed into a serious advantage when it came to the period of my life going through middle school and high school, where my brain was opening up at a ridiculously rapid rate, soaking up all sources of information that seemed to peak my interest intensely.

Realizing that I could know absolutely nothing about a machine, whether it be a PC or a laptop, and with a little time, love, effort, and the Internet and the digital medium, learn every single important thing I needed to know in order to operate, customize, and maintain it for the long run simply because of the process of wanting to play video games on it, my mind was forever blown, and my life changed dramatically.

In this, I learned programming, and thanks to my brother's major assistance, created my first calculator in Visual Basic, followed by a temperature converter. I then took it a step further by taking all the available programming classes available to me in high school, along with web design.

Up until then, I only saw the Internet as a place of endless information, and a video game repository, and I never took the time to realize how those things were there in the first place. As soon as I realized that I too, could be a creator of those websites, a creator of those priceless sources of data and creator of value, my life once again changed forever.

After I completed my web design class, my focus, as a young high school immigrant who was 3 years younger than everyone in his class and beginning the process of puberty, switched to pubescent matters, but because my mother did such a good job at being tough on me and raising me well— constraining my movement to the school, and our home— I was forced to keep myself busy, and accidentally progress forward in the process of what would come to be my acquiring of billable and life skills.

From marketing and branding, sales and business development, graphic design and video production, to self-development and self-mastery, fruitful mindsets, beliefs, values, and overall spiritual growth, I slowly but surely transformed into a human being who is desperately hungry to provide 3000% of my time, energy, awareness to his World and is eternally focused on growth, success and lifelong learning.

So when I say that whether it be needing help getting more customers, increasing sales or revenue, designing the identity of your company, creating content that will better appeal to your targeted audience, or even improving workflow or business operations or in need of a game-changing solution in another facet of your business, or sphere of interest in your life, you can rest assured in knowing that if I say that I'm your man, it's cause I not only mean it, but also because it's true!

I look forward to working with you, and thank you for reading About Me 😉

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